The kind of friend who…

The last couple of months I have found myself rethinking who I socialize with.

Last year, and the beginning of this one, I veered towards making negative comments about my life’s situations and always opting for the easy way out of things.

I have come to realize that this semester I am no longer like that, or at least less like that.

The only problem is that most of my college friends still reflect my old bad habits. They frequently complain about school, assignments, professors and the situations life puts them in. I try to shed positive light on them but seem to be overpowered.


I think I’ve just had an “aha” moment.. Did I only get along with these people because of the natural flow of mutual complaining? Because I find that I now consistently think to myself that I don’t really want to hang out with these people. Then I feel bad cause I really do like them.. but I am distancing myself at the same time.

I guess time will test the reality of our friendship. (Shrugging emoji)


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