New Hair (Again)

This is my last post for the day, I promise!

A week ago I convinced my sister to cut my hair into a really short bob, this is the result- I love it!

I watched one to many Molly Ringwood movies and got inspired to have her hair. Just the other day I unintentionally (or maybe unconsciously but intentionally) looked like her in the breakfast club, hair and outfit! I wish I would have taken a picture..)

My sister says I look like Edna from The Incredibles..

My Life Without A Car- August 28th

I do not have a car, I have never had my own car. This means that walking and the bus (or an occasional borrowed car) are my main forms of transportation.

I know some might find it really difficult not having a car, but I love it. I mean, don’t get my wrong, it would be wonderful to have a car when I visit my family instead of taking a three hour bus ride. But overall, I’m glad I don’t have one.

I think that this is mainly because I live in such a great location…

5 minute walk to campus; 1 minute walk to church; 10 minute walk to the grocery store; 30 minute walk to work; and a 10-15 minute bus ride everywhere else. Also, I love walking. If I am to exercise, walking is my go-to choice!

I do a weekly walk to the grocery store where I lug home a bag of food from two different places. Each are ten minutes in opposite directions from my house, so on my way back from one I drop off what I bought already to give arm room for the next store. I like to buy my pantry food at Countdown and my fruits and veggies from Simply Fresh (for the deals and quality)! My bags are usually not too heavy as I only shop for myself.

This is todays shopping. One bag from Countdown (New Zealand’s Ralph’s) and the other from Simply Fresh ( New Zealand’s Sprouts).
On my way back home (I live on a busy college street)
A product of my buys- homemade vegan chocolate. I added peanuts to mine, SO good!
I also made cinnamon apple chips!

As you can see from my homemade snacks, I’m really trying to find healthy alternative snacks. (I’ll talk more about foods later!)

And back to no car! 

Visiting my family who live 1hr 40mins away? I usually take the bus, or if my dad is up in Auckland for work over the weekend, I on occasion (about every month in a half) borrow his car to drive down to Hamilton for a visit.

When I go to work I know I can easily take the bus but I prefer to save myself a few bucks and walk or run there. Because it’s a cleaning job it doesn’t require a uniform and it being only once a week, it’s no hassle jogging in the sunny/overcast morning.

For leisure I like to go to near by walking trails or to the nearest towns to hang out- Takapuna and Auckland City. I love going to Takapuna beach, which is a 25 minute walk from my house. Its a wonderful little town with a few main streets with some awesome shops. When I go to the city I take the bus (15 mins) because you have to take the freeway to get there. Which is fine with me because if I could walk there it would take FOREVER, well thats an exaggeration (about 2 1/2 hours one-way). I like to go there for a change in scenery and because it reminds me a bit of downtown San Diego.

I’m a little scared that when I do get a car, I will become very lazy. Everything will become that much more convenient for me.

I don’t know for sure what will happen, but for now I will enjoy my on-foot travels. 🙂

P.S.  This was my outfit today because it’s almost spring here!

Trying to take an artsy picture of my new jeans
Featuring: my new short hair and Ron Swanson phone cover 😀
Studying/actually just chilling in my backyard

Can you or do you live without a car? What’s your outlook on it?

Another DIY Hair Cut!

IMG_1709 IMG_1716

A few days ago I did an A-Line cut on my hair! I had been wanting to do it for a couple of weeks and decided that the day had come. As I have already been cutting my own hair for about four years I thought I’d give this more complicated cut a try!

After looking at countless youtube videos and reading many articles on the best technique…. I decided to wing it and combine what I though was best.

I snipped away, and although there were a few moments when I thought I had messed up BIG TIME.. I made it out with okay hair! I’m very happy with the way it came out 🙂 I want a bit more definition so I think i’ll ask my sister or mom to trim it a bit more (It’s a little hard to do it myself because it’s so short now!)

Anyway, what do you think??

Back From The Dead


I know I’ve been out of the loop for a couple of months now. I can’t believe how easily I can get distracted..

With school, and family, and new roommates and life whizzing by me, I stopped putting effort into posting. And I am telling myself now- there is no excuse for that.

I was recently talking to my mom about a how she wants to take a random course to learn something new (cuisine cooking, pottery, art etc..) and I though it was a great idea. Then I started rambling on about when and how she would do that as she already has so many roles she takes on, such as mother, daughter, grandmother, wife, friend, woman of God, taxi driver, cook, cleaner and so much more. I asked her “but when would you have time?!”. That is when she said something that I think is very important for all of us to know. It is the way that you prioritize and plan your time that is important. If you really want to do something, then you can find time in your day (without a doubt) to do it!  The crazy times are never going to stop so we just need to find a way to incorporate everything we need to do into our day/week/month/year. As my mom tries to sort out her adventure course, I realised that the same applies to my blog.

I don’t know how many people are actually interested in what I have to say, but I started this blog as a way for me to be able to reflect on my life in different moments in time. It is for me to be able to document what I’ve been doing, what I’m thinking, what I’m interested in and hopefully to inspire, resonate, create a spark or even a laugh in people. If I can just make one persons day, it will make a world of a difference.

When I stopped posting I beat myself up about it because I let my excuses get in the way when I knew perfectly well that I had the time. I was also disappointed with myself because when I stopped posting, I stopped my monthly challenges.

Guys keep me accountable! I shall make a habit to write often about what is going on in my life, whether it be minuscule or vast, about nails or not.

Can’t wait to get back at it! 🙂