I Surrender

This past weekend I was on a solo, two hour drive home when I poured my heart out to God. I’ve been struggling lately with putting in the effort to spend time with Him. While I was praying I realized that I always find a way to put things before Him. It’s easier to watch a t.v. show than spend time in prayer. It’s easier to spend meaningless hours scrolling through Facebook and Instagram than delve into the bible. At least that’s how it’s felt for me.

While I was in the car, listening to a christian radio station, a song came on with a verse that said “do they see you when they see me”. I decided that I needed to change my priorities. My life does not project my faith. Maybe in some aspects it does, but that is not what I want. I want every part of my life to show that I am a believer in Christ.

So I am trying to keep a conscious mind on the activities that I choose to fill my day with. Psalm 101:3 says: “I will not set before my eyes anything that is worthless…”. I am trying to constantly remind myself of this. I am choosing to fill my life with meaningful occupations rather than pointless ones. It’s a constant battle between me and earthly desires. The devil sure knows how to tempt me, but I have God as my armour and I will not give up.

I’m learning to let go of my expectation for my life enough to let the Lord guide me down the one he has planned for me.


P.s. If you know the name of the song above, let me know because I can’t find it anywhere!


4 thoughts on “I Surrender

  1. Amber • Carolinian Explorer

    I think the song is “Live Like That” by Sidewalk Prophets! I hope you can find it 🙂 beautiful post, by the way. God bless you! ❤️

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