Food Poisoning 

Yesterday a friend and I went into the city the have lunch as a celebration for my 19th birthday. As I am doing a no sugar foods, I found a vegetarian place to eat at. I ordered without much thought and ate my food just the same. Indian curry, rice and salad. 

I decided to have a ‘cheat day’ and had a bit of a donut (not realising it was international donut day!) since I haven’t been having much sugar I believe my body struggles digestion it a bit. So I though, I’m gonna get a stomach ache later. And soon enough I did! But come that night, I started getting TERRIBLE stomach pains and I though, oh no, this is definitely food poisoning from that rice which obviously was not fresh. So I spend three agonising hours pacing the hallway. When I couldn’t handle it anymore I gave myself a little push to spit up that food. And once I did, my stomach settled for just enough time for me to finally get to sleep at 2 in the morning. Today I’ve had mild pains in and off all day, hoping that tomorrow I am feeling like new! Wonderful gift to get food poisoning on my birthday… But on the plus, my sister got me a selfie stick.

Yes, a selfie stick. I used to make fun of them. But once I used one I realised they are so fun and are actually pretty useful! I especially love filming with it. 

This is me trying to get my sister to turn so we can take an awesome selfie


Moral of this story: make sure you do not eat rice that has been sitting out for a while! Or you will be doomed to severe pain when you are trying to sleep (at least that’s how it went for me) 

Quick Update**

Yes! I’ve started my new month challenge and this month it is learning Italian and not using shampoo or conditioner. So far Italian is going well buuuut my hair is looking pretty bad that’s why it’s been up all the time! 

🙂 🙂 🙂 


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