Feel The Spark

IMG_0444 IMG_0440

Today I finally used the Sally Hansen nail strips I’ve had sitting around! I was really excited because 1. I don’t have to wait for them to dry and 2. last time I used these I was really happy with the way they turned out, and I still am! Don’t they look wonderful, the sparkle is awesome 🙂

I did use a few other supplies during the application though; this includes: nail polish remover the get rid of my old chipped polish, nail buffer (which I love, it is from a dead sea nail kit I got as a gift) to make sure my nails where nice and smooth, nail file to shave off the extra nail strip and lastly, some clear polish to seal the edges. That Pro-FX Complete 3 (top coat, base coat, strengthener) is seriously my favourite clear nail polish. I bought that big bottle at Target and use it almost every time I paint my nails (when I don’t use the Sally Hansen quick dry top coat)

Lets see if these stand the test of time, I hope they last a while 🙂


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