May 24th

I can’t believe there is only ONE WEEK left in this month. It literally went by so fast. I feel I never even had a chance to post (and it shows).

I’ve been really busy with end-of-semester assignments and lots of family visits before my sister and brother-in-law leave.

Something I’ve been working on is a daily workout and no sugar/processed foods challenge with my sister. She has decided to start getting back in shape post-birth and I have joined her for encouragement. It has been really fun getting to do it together and hold each other accountable. We have been doing Blogilates month workout calendar, which has got us both feeling pumped. On top of that, we have cut out sugar and most processed foods. So our diet has consisted of a lot of fruit, vegetables and meats, as well as other things! It has been really good to eat clean; my body feels good and I feel happy with what I am eating. Similar to last month though, I still really miss my sweets 😦 I’m planning on sticking to this diet even after the month is over but including sweets in moderation (taste so good, yet are so bad :/

Moving on……. ASL!!

I cannot believe how many words I have learned, it’s crazy! I don’t watch videos everyday, but I have been trying to practice the signs I already know when I find myself with a few extra minutes. I know a lot of the basic signs and how to finger spell, so I think that I could have a conversation with an ASL speaker!

I got recommended by a lovely blogger on how she has taught her hearing children to sign. It was awesome to see how even a family who is not deaf learned to use such a beautiful language. Makes me want to do it with my future family!

For any of you who have something that you have really been wanting to try, or have already started but find it hard to continue, keep going! It is so satisfying to know you have accomplished something new or that you’ve always wanted to do. Not giving up is the key! I know it can be so hard sometimes but I have found that when you believe in yourself, want something badly enough, and let those around you know what you want to do, that it becomes a lot easier (or at least bearable!) You can do it guys!

p.s. I gotta start taking more pictures to put them in with my posts. Right now my camera roll is full of pictures of my niece!


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