Day 30- The End

Early morning walk.

The month has coming to an end. I dedicated a piece of everyday to exercising, and whole days to avoid desserts. Although I cannot say with certainty that I succeeded everyday, I can say I am proud of myself for sticking to it!

I’m coming out of this month with motivation to not stop exercising. I really enjoyed working out and being active outside. I plan on continuing to exercise at least a few times a week.. or more.

Sweets? Well I really missed them. I didn’t get to join in on opinion on desserts, just stared at them longingly. I did learn that I can overcome my cravings in about an hour (which seems like a long time). I also learned that not eating sweets is not so bad. So I think that i’ll treat myself to them, but not overindulge!

Tomorrow I get to start learning ASL! I am SUPER excited for this! I currently know the alphabet and a few other signs, I cannot wait to learn as much as I can. My plan for this is to basically scout Youtube videos, starting with basic ASL to more complicated as I go. I’ll let those around me know, so that I can try to sign what they and I are saying and I won’t look like a weirdo!

Here’s to the end of a month and the start of a new one 🙂


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