Day 16

The past 6 days I have been walking a lot. It is the one (mild) exercise that I really enjoy. I have gone trail walking by myself or with a family member everyday for a minimum of 30 minutes. In New Zealand, I find that it is especially nice to do this and there is so much green scenery, which I really enjoy.

I have been very busy with assignments that I cut out working out in order to make more time for school and stepped it up by walking instead. Once I turn in my assignment in 3 days time, I look forward to getting back into it!

How is my no sweets going? Pretty great! There has been a rotation of baked goods (brownies) and candy in my house that I have avoided this past week by getting over the craving or eating something else. Being a lover of baking and eating desserts, I can’t tell you how much I look forward to eating them again. It’s not a craze I have though. So they will still be eaten in moderation!

In all of this I keep reminding myself that I am doing this to better my life and motivation. By just staying active everyday, in any form, I feel so much more energised. And by knowing that I am not pigging out on sweets, it gives me more energy and motivation to eat healthy. Just the other day after my sister made those brownies I was telling her how I wanted one so badly. But she kindly reminded me of my goal and I realised that yes, I will be proud of myself at the end of the month when I can say that I successfully stuck to my plan!

I am half way there, half way there!


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