April- Day One

OKAY. I did it. I woke up in the morning, went to a 30 minute run/jog ( I hate running), then worked out for 30 minutes at home. I am proud to say that I jogged the WHOLE thirty minutes even if I was dying 10 minutes in and almost got attacked by a giant dog. I also did not eat any sweets (things that classify as sweets: desserts, candy, anything with added sugar like cereal. I’m not avoiding all sugar!)

Everything was going fine and dandy until Aunt Flo showed up (with some terrible cramps) half way through my workout. This morning I woke up sore in places I didn’t know possible and still full of . cramps. I will commence day two exercise after my classes are over. I can do this!

What am I doing? This is week one.

1- workout 30mins, running 30mins 
2- workout 30 mins, jumprope 20mins
3- workout 30mins, walking 30mins
4- workout 30mins, running 30 mins
5- workout 30mins, walking 20mins

As for the workout I’ve chosen on doing, you can find it here.


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