“Something new a month” Challenge

A week ago I decided that I would do something new every month so I can learn, experience, and just try out something new. I started thinking about what I would like to do, taking into consideration things that I actually need to do and others that would be fun. I decided that since I will hopefully be away in Europe for the summer, that I would end my experiment in October since I would be leaving in November. So my plan looks a little like this:

April- Exercise and no sweets

WHY? I always say I’m going to exercise but I never do. It is something that is essential to health so I decided this should go on the list. An add on challenge is no sweets. I figured if this month ill be exercising, that putting no sweets here would be good, I want to see how good I am at resisting.

May- ASL

WHY? Okay, i’ve always found sign language very intriguing so why not?!

June- Italian and no shampoo/conditioner

WHY? Since I am planning a trip to Europe and my main stop will be Italy, I thought It would be necessary to learn some Italian before I went, so June will be my month to learn. The add on is to use NO shampoo or conditioner. This is to see if it has a positive affect on my hair. I’m hoping it does but maybe my hair will just look dry and matte and i’ll never want to try it again!

July- Portuguese

WHY? Brazil is one of those places on my dream list of places I want to go to. I then put Portuguese as a language I would like to learn.

August- Play piano and practice adult skills

WHY? I’ve been “playing” the piano/keyboard since I was 12. I though it was time I dedicated more time to improving my piano skills. I think learning an instrument, any instrument should be something everyone does. Now the add on for this week is “practice adult skills”, kind of an odd one I know. By this time I will be 19. I technically am already an adult. I would really just like to take this time to reflect on that and develop more skills of maturity when it comes to communicating and relationships with others. I don’t have anything too specific on this one but i’ll figure it out when the time comes!

September- French

WHY? Same as above, my trip to Europe will require I know some French.

October- Left hand writing and no social media

WHY? I honestly don’t know why I chose this. I mean, wouldn’t it be cool to write neatly with BOTH hands. I do, so I would like to see if it is possible to develop that skill. Maybe it is, maybe not, I haven’t done too much research on it. The add on for this month is no social media. I decided this because there have been times when I deactivated my Facebook or stopped using Instagram but only for a week or two maximum. I want to commit for a while and see what it is like not being “in the loop” of things all the time. Maybe i’ll find that I liked not using Facebook! I will clarify later on what social media I use that I will stop using.

There is no special reason as to why I decided to do this other that I thought it would be fun. Okay there is one reason. When I start something I tend to not finish because I either become unmotivated or I start thinking, is there even a point to me doing this? The idea of starting something new a month gives me a start and finish, I know what I need to do and there is an end in sight and a reason as to why I want to do it. If after the month is up and I really enjoyed the activity, it will be something that I continue. If I didn’t enjoy the activity so much, then I will just drop it and be happy with the fact that I tried it.

I want to be accountable that I keep up every month so I will update my progress continuously. The only time I won’t be updating will be the month of October were I decided I will not be using social media. I will update just before and right after though! I really look forward to this idea. Starting tomorrow I will be having some fun with motivation. I hope that this can teach me how important self-motivation is to complete a task, whether important or not.


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